Best Seller to Government Departments in Australia. Welcome to Shredders Online, where you will find the go to destination for people all across Australia who are looking for top quality shredders at affordable prices. The Bonsaii 120-Minute Heavy Duty Paper Shredder runs for up to 120 minutes of nonstop shredding. Having a high security paper shredder or cross cut paper shredder is important for your business for the following reasons: We provide products that will reduce your sensitive forms to unreadable pieces of strips and confetti. Speak to our staff and we’ll help you find out which you need. Bonsaii 60-Minute Heavy-Duty Paper Shredder, 12-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder Machine for Office and Home Use with P-4 High-Security (4mm×10mm), 23-Litre Pullout Bin with Transparent Window, Black (C149-D) 4.7 out of 5 stars 120 £149.99£149.99 FREE Delivery by Amazon Paper can be shredded into pieces as small as 5/32 x 1-37/64 inches in size. The Wolverine SD9520 is designed for large-scale, confidential paper shredding. With so many heavy duty paper shredders on the market, you may find it difficult to distinguish between the many options. Having a high security paper shredder or cross cut paper shredder is important for your business for the following reasons: To increase the security of your business – due to the increasing competitive nature of business, it is important to properly destroy your papers instead of just disposing them. A must-have office shredder for workplaces shredding high volumes of paper. Fellowes. The shredder works for up to 20 minutes continuously before needing about 40 minutes to cool down. Its designed for small offices that need a reliable shredder. This heavy-duty shredder also has an auto-reverse feature to help prevent paper jams and an indicator light that signals if the machine has overheated and needs to cool down. Some of the largest ones can be as large as 20 or 30 gallons. It shreds upto 8 sheets ofpaper, clips and credit cards into a 21 litre bin. This cross cut model is not the smallest cut option that Bonsaii offers. This Martin Yale 3000 Cross Cut Medium Office Shredders can be used by upto to 8 people. The wastebasket provides 6.6 gallons of storage for shredded paper. With a compact design, this A4 shredder features an auto reverse function and overheat protection for your safety. The Fellowes Powershred 425Ci can cut up to 30 pieces of paper in one pass. With a sheet capacity of 16 documents per pass, and it does this at the high P-5 security level. Deskside Security Shredders - Cross Cut Shredders and Strip Cut Shredders! We understand that, due to their often sensitive nature, government documents need to be handled with the utmost security and confidentiality, which is why we provide superior quality paper shredders that meet all government approved shredding standards. Cons . When you buy a cross cut copy paper shredder from Shredders you can be assured that your documents are going to be properly disposed of – this is our guarantee. This ability delivers ultimate security with each shred. Our departmental shredders are well suited for offices of 10 or more users, with individual models carrying more advanced features or handling larger volumes of paper. The Fellowes AutoMax 350-Sheet Paper Shredder is fast and efficient. These heavy-duty shredders provide high-volume shredding for multiple users in a large office setting. Pros . Extras. If your office is bogged down with obsolete files they can become confused with the necessary ones – reducing your company’s productivity. The Intimus 14.95 shredder is a frequent use shredder with a 550 sheet capacity for high volume use. £33.39. A micro-cut shredder cuts the paper into extremely small pieces that cannot be put back together. Having a functioning paper shredder at your office is important as it makes disposing of these documents quick and efficient. In addition to our standard offers of free delivery and secure shopping, you can contact our team by phone or email at any time to seek our advice on your shredder purchases. The Kobra 300 CC2 Shredder is Class B SCEC Endorsed with a cut size of 1.9 x 13mm cross cut.Popular with goivernment departments mandated to shred at a Class B Seurity Level. It's a great shredder often purchased by home offices, dentists and smaller offices. Short Term Rental (less than 90 days) Daily: R950.00. It has a 39 litre bin and shreds 22 sheets per pass, 500 sheets per day, clips and credit cards. Although it is powerful, it can still operate on a standard 10A 240V power supply. High Bin Capacity - The bin is where the paper and other materials go once shredded. Our excellent reputation has been built upon our dedication to always providing the best solutions that are available on the market at reasonable prices, alongside a level of customer service that is second to none.
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