The -100BSR first flew on November 3, 1978, with first delivery to All Nippon Airways (ANA) on December 21, 1978. First flight of the 747-100 1/2 Part 2: Photo: Luca Flores. Overall, the 747 trijet would have had more payload, range, and passenger capacity than both of them. In January 2004, Boeing and Cathay Pacific launched the Boeing 747-400 Special Freighter program,[184] later referred to as the Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF), to modify passenger 747-400s for cargo use. The 747X aircraft was to carry 430 passengers over ranges of up to 8,700 nmi (10,000 mi, 16,100 km). [41] Besides the passenger model, two other versions (-300M, -300SR) were produced. [84] Union de Transports Aériens (UTA) also had two aircraft converted. In May 1964, airframe proposals arrived from Boeing, Douglas, General Dynamics, Lockheed, and Martin Marietta; engine proposals were submitted by General Electric, Curtiss-Wright, and Pratt & Whitney. ", "747-8F and 787 delivery dates come into focus", "Boeing 747-8I Set For Pre-Delivery Evaluation Flights In Germany", "The White House cuts $3.9 billion deal with Boeing for two new Air Force Ones", "Aboard America's Doomsday command and control plane", "Airborne Laser returns for more testing", "NASA Armstrong Fact Sheet: Shuttle Carrier Aircraft", "KC-33A: Closing the Aerial Refuelling and Strategic Air Mobility Gaps (PDF). [12] Boeing would carry the nose door and raised cockpit concepts over to the design of the 747. By September, the airline had begun to expand into Africa, particularly with Nigeria with a co-operating with Nigeria Airways (WT) using the aircraft to service Lagos (LOS) on a thrice-weekly basis. [78] In Japan, 747s on domestic routes were configured to carry nearly the maximum passenger capacity. This raised cockpit allows front loading of cargo on freight variants. The airline announced in July of this year that the aircraft would be phased out early due to the significant drop in demand for business. ", "Boeing 747 On Deathwatch: How Boeing's New 777X Will Kill Its Jumbo Jet Predecessor, Once The Queen Of The Skies", "Final 747 flight now scheduled for Monday", "Turning Today's Challenges into Opportunities for Tomorrow. Range with a full passenger load started at over 5,000 nmi (9,300 km) and increased to 6,000 nmi (11,000 km) with later engines. [229] A new flight deck based on the 777's would be used. In recent years, some older 747-300s and 747-400s have also found their way into museums as well. ", "Boeing plans propfan engines for bigger jumbos in 1990s", "Impact of New Large Aircraft on Airport Design (PDF). 20 March, 2020 last passenger flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Heathrow. It lived a healthy 30-years in service and followed the airline into BA as we know it today before being stored with Kabo Air (N9) as 5N-JJJ. British Airways' last two Heathrow-based Boeing 747 planes have departed from the airport on their final flight. In March 1993, the airline decided to take a plunge into the Asian market with the launch of British Asia Airways (BR – using the same IATA code as British Caledonian) which launched for around eight years before ceasing operations in December 2001. At the end of 2015, the company had 20 orders outstanding. Later, as airlines began to use the upper deck for premium passenger seating instead of lounge space, Boeing offered an upper deck with ten windows on either side as an option. [230] Freighter versions of the 747X and 747X Stretch were also studied. In 1965, Joe Sutter left the 737 development program to design the 747, the first twin aisle airliner. [100] As of 2011[update], most orders of the 747-8 have been for the freighter variant. [16] The era of commercial jet transportation, led by the enormous popularity of the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8, had revolutionized long-distance travel. The Tehran–New York route, when launched, was the longest non-stop commercial flight in the world. British Airways A380 First Class. [136] The type's maiden flight occurred on February 26, 1986, with FAA certification and first delivery on March 24, 1986. Some early -100s were retrofitted with the new configuration. The first -100B order, one aircraft for Iran Air, was announced on June 1, 1978. It is 231 feet, 10.2 inches (70.668 meters) long with a wingspan of 195 feet, 8 inches (59.639 meters) and overall height of 63 feet, 5 inches (19.329 meters). 2 undelivered Boeing testbeds) as of June 2020, econ. Of the 1,544 produced, 890 are retired; as of 2018[update], a small subset of those which were intended to be parted-out get $3 million D-checks before flying again. These studies led to initial requirements for the CX-Heavy Logistics System (CX-HLS) in March 1964 for an aircraft with a load capacity of 180,000 pounds (81,600 kg) and a speed of Mach 0.75 (500 mph or 800 … ", "Investigation of a Micro-Fighter / Airborne Aircraft Carrier Concept", "Supplementary Type Certificate ST01912LA Installation and removal of internal tanks, associated systems and support structure for the aerial dispersant of liquids", "Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy 308911 SOFIA Quick Facts", "Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)", "Boeing nets 57 new orders, including big VIP planes. [116], The Boeing 747 is a large, wide-body (two-aisle) airliner with four wing-mounted engines. [65] After the aircraft's introduction with Pan Am, other airlines that had bought the 747 to stay competitive began to put their own 747s into service. [11], In 1963, the United States Air Force started a series of study projects on a very large strategic transport aircraft. This meant that it would be possible to support a 2-wide 2-high stack of containers two or three ranks deep with a fuselage size similar to the earlier CX-HLS project. G-AWNF (L.N. [146][165] The 747-300SR, a short range, high-capacity domestic model, was produced for Japanese markets with a maximum seating for 584. Some other airlines put just eight first class seats in that same space. [94] Though the 747X design was less costly than the 747-500X and -600X, it was criticized for not offering a sufficient advance from the existing 747-400. [192] Modification of four aircraft was completed by February 2010. The sweep also reduces the wingspan, allowing the 747 to use existing hangars. 11th December 2020. In the freighter role, the clear need was to support the containerized shipping methodologies that were being widely introduced at about the same time. [85] The -300 could be equipped with the same Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce powerplants as on the -200, as well as updated General Electric CF6-80C2B1 engines. After introducing the 707 in October 1958, Pan Am wanted a jet 2½ times its size, to reduce its seat cost by 30% to democratize air travel. The 747SP is 48 feet 4 inches (14.73 m) shorter than the 747-100. I flew with British Airways to London from Los Angeles in end of January (Who would’ve thought that would be my last BA 747 flight?) A number of other governments also use the 747 as a VIP transport, including Bahrain, Brunei, Source for orders and deliveries: Boeing data through end of November 2020, 19896/019 – 747-132(SF) registration N481EV at the, 19651/025 – 747-121 registration N747GE at the, 19778/027 – 747-151 registration N601US nose at the, 20107/086 – 747-123 registration N905NA, a NASA Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, at the, 20269/150 – 747-136 registration G-AWNG nose at, 20239/160 – 747-244B registration ZS-SAN nicknamed, 20541/200 – 747-128 registration F-BPVJ at. Boeing 747 orders and deliveries (cumulative, by year): Orders and deliveries through the end of November 2020, As of October 2020, the 747 has been involved in 166 aviation accidents and incidents,[245] including 63 accidents and hull losses[246] which resulted in 3746 fatalities. [162], The 747-400 Dreamlifter[190] (originally called the 747 Large Cargo Freighter or LCF[191]) is a Boeing-designed modification of existing 747-400s to a larger configuration to ferry 787 Dreamliner sub-assemblies. Related: 5 reasons why the British Airways Boeing 747 was so special. [88], In 1991, a record-breaking 1,087 passengers were airlifted aboard a 747 to Israel as part of Operation Solomon. Raised above the main deck, the cockpit creates a hump. [148] Iran Air is the last civil operator of the type; its final 747-SP (EP-IAC) was to be retired in June 2016. [247], Few crashes have been attributed to design flaws of the 747. May 2005 came along and at that period, countries around the world began the process of bidding for the upcoming 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, with UK Prime Minister Tony Blair signing a 747 to support London’s bid to host the games. British Airways premium economy 747 British Airways’ 747 first class cabin is dense, as it has 14 seats. The flight was from August, 2017, and I hope you get the chance to fly on a 747 before they are eventually all retired (though you have some time at least for BA). [135], In 1986, two -100BSR SUD models, featuring the stretched upper deck (SUD) of the -300, were produced for JAL. [151] The 747-200 was produced in passenger (-200B), freighter (-200F), convertible (-200C), and combi (-200M) versions. A crowd gathered around the airport to watch the largest aircraft... © Copyright 2020 Airways International, Inc. All rights reserved. At its height, the airline was the world's biggest operator of the 747-400, with a fleet of 57. The Boeing 747 is a large, long–range wide-body airliner and cargo aircraft manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes in the United States. [1][117] Its seating capacity is over 366 with a 3–4–3 seat arrangement (a cross section of 3 seats, an aisle, 4 seats, another aisle, and 3 seats) in economy class and a 2–3–2 layout in first class on the main deck. ", Boeing 747 "Double Decker" Early Proposed Design Model at Boeing Corporate Archives - mid-to-late 1960s, Boeing 747 "Anteater" Early Proposed Designs Model at Boeing Corporate Archives - mid-to-late 1960s, "Mechanical Engineering 100 Years of Flight. Airbus competed with later variants with the heaviest versions of the A340 until surpassing the 747 in size with the A380, introduced in 2007. [177], The passenger version first entered service in February 1989 with launch customer Northwest Airlines on the Minneapolis to Phoenix route. [27] The upper deck behind the cockpit provides space for a lounge and/or extra seating. [105], In January 2016, Boeing stated it was reducing 747-8 production to six a year beginning in September 2016, incurring a $569 million post-tax charge against its fourth-quarter 2015 profits. Volga-Dnepr Group is the parent of three major Russian air-freight carriers – Volga-Dnepr Airlines, AirBridgeCargo Airlines and Atran Airlines. British Airways did not exist in its current incarnation when the Boeing 747 was launched in 1970. 20770/213 – 747-2B5B registration HL7463 at Jeongseok Aviation Center, Jeju, South Korea. Launched in 1969 and first flown by BA in 1971, the planes are considerably larger and less environmentally friendly than other airliners, with a capacity of … The 747-300 first flew on October 5, 1982, and the type's first delivery went to Swissair on March 23, 1983. [127], The first 747-100s were built with six upper deck windows (three per side) to accommodate upstairs lounge areas. [80][170] While some -300 customers continued operating the type, several large carriers replaced their 747-300s with 747-400s. [76], International flights bypassing traditional hub airports and landing at smaller cities became more common throughout the 1980s, thus eroding the 747's original market. [154] The convertible version, the 747-200C, could be converted between a passenger and a freighter or used in mixed configurations,[80] and featured removable seats and a nose cargo door. Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation of Taiwan was contracted to complete modifications of 747-400s into Dreamlifters in Taoyuan. The CWL base was going to be used specifically to cater to the aircraft, creating around 1,200 jobs at the time. [81] The -200 model followed in 1971, featuring more powerful engines and a higher MTOW. The payload bay had to be 17 feet (5.18 m) wide by 13.5 feet (4.11 m) high and 100 feet (30 m) long with access through doors at the front and rear. [93], As Airbus progressed with its A3XX study, Boeing offered a 747 derivative as an alternative in 2000; a more modest proposal than the previous -500X and -600X that retained the 747's overall wing design and add a segment at the root, increasing the span to 229 ft (69.8 m). This particular aircraft, offering the Oneworld Alliance color scheme, had flown over 115,000 hours across 13,300 flights, traveling 50 million miles. [273] The airplane also appears frequently in the television series Top Gear, which is filmed at Dunsfold. [86] The variant had a new glass cockpit, which allowed for a cockpit crew of two instead of three,[87] new engines, lighter construction materials, and a redesigned interior. There is some level of hope that the 747 that were repainted as part of Centenary celebrations will not get torn into pieces for scrap. [30] The engine technology was thought to be capable of delivering double the power of the earlier turbojets while consuming one–third less fuel. It was operated by a flight crew of three and was designed to carry 366 to 452 passengers. Boeing 747; British Airways; News . At the time, it was widely thought that the 747 would eventually be superseded by supersonic transport aircraft. 907 km/h (490 kt), max. The new 747-8 freighters will replace AirBridgeCargo's current 747-400 aircraft and expand the airline's fleet and will be acquired through a mix of direct purchases and leasing over the next six years, Boeing said. [80] Minor aerodynamic changes allowed the -300's cruise speed to reach Mach 0.85 compared with Mach 0.84 on the -200 and -100 models, while retaining the same takeoff weight. On December 29, 2008, Qantas flew its last scheduled 747-300 service, operating from Melbourne to Los Angeles via Auckland. Livery. [32], The project was designed with a new methodology called fault tree analysis, which allowed the effects of a failure of a single part to be studied to determine its impact on other systems. [10] BOAC flew its first 747 flight on 14th April 1971 British Airways took delivery of its first 747-400 in July 1989 and its last in April 1999 At its height, the airline had a fleet of 57 747-400s After the end of the 747X program, Boeing continued to study improvements that could be made to the 747. [194], Boeing announced a new 747 variant, the 747-8, on November 14, 2005. Deliveries are scheduled through 2022. MIAMI - 2020 has been a year like no other for aviation. View a complete production list for the Boeing 747 (B747) family including information on registrations, MSN, first flight and photos. This is estimated to take until November 2022. [125] Virgin Orbit's 747-400, dubbed Cosmic Girl, carries the orbital-class rocket to cruise altitude, where the rocket is deployed and then carries its small satellite payload the rest of the way to space. General Electric had pioneered the concept but was committed to developing the engine for the C-5 Galaxy and did not enter the commercial market until later. [227] The 747-600X concept featured a greater stretch to 279 ft (85 m) with seating for 548 passengers, a range of up to 7,700 nmi (8,900 mi, 14,300 km), and a gross weight of 1.2 Mlb (540 tonnes). Some of the last built 747-400s were delivered with Dreamliner livery along with the modern Signature interior from the Boeing 777. [55] The program was further delayed when one of the five test aircraft suffered serious damage during a landing attempt at Renton Municipal Airport, site of the company's Renton factory. 4 x Rolls-Royce RB211-524 engines. [167], A total of 81 747-300 series aircraft were delivered, 56 for passenger use, 21 -300M and 4 -300SR versions. A year later, in August 1994, BA signed a co-operative deal with Australian carrier Qantas (QF) to ensure scheduling, sales and marketing on its 35 weekly 747 flights on what was known as “Kangaroo services”. Chatham Dockyard. [38] Developing the aircraft was such a technical and financial challenge that management was said to have "bet the company" when it started the project. [149][150], While the 747-100 powered by Pratt & Whitney JT9D-3A engines offered enough payload and range for medium-haul operations, it was marginal for long-haul route sectors. [294][295] Appearing in over 300 film productions[296] the 747 is one of the most widely depicted civilian aircraft and is considered by many as one of the most iconic in film history. ", "Boeing: Commercial Airplanes - 747 Fun Facts", "Japan Airlines To Receive 100th Boeing 747 Aircraft. There’s something incredibly special about it in that regard. United Airlines Flight 811, which suffered an explosive decompression mid-flight on February 24, 1989, led the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to issue a recommendation that the Boeing 747-100 and 747-200 cargo doors similar to those on the Flight 811 aircraft be modified to those featured on the Boeing 747-400. The 1980s were when the airline decided to dabble in using the aircraft for freighter operations. This flight was particularly significant as it represented the last flight of a British Airways 747 sporting the airline’s current ‘brilliant white’ livery. The 747-400 is a proven performer with high reliability and incorporates major aerodynamic improvements over earlier 747 models, including the addition of winglets to reduce drag, new avionics, and a new flight deck. [197][198] The variant received its amended type certificate jointly from the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on August 19, 2011. [4] At various times, the largest 747-400 operator has included Singapore Airlines,[187] Japan Airlines,[187] and British Airways with 36 as of July 2018[update]. The -100SR entered service with JAL, the type's sole customer, on October 7, 1973, and typically operated flights within Japan. [199] The -8F was first delivered to Cargolux on October 12, 2011. [77] Many international carriers continued to use the 747 on Pacific routes. ", "N905NA (1970 BOEING 747-123 owned by NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION) Aircraft Registration ✈ FlightAware", "Shuttle replica lifted and put on top of 747 carrier", "Boeing 747-100 Nose Section and Cockpit", "Location scouting Client Liaison's "A Foreign Affair, "Retired 747-400 takes road trip home to Flight Museum", "Boeing 747-438 "VH-OJA, City of Canberra, "Dark Roasted Blend: Abandoned Boeing 747 Restaurant (and Other Plane Conversions). Fact and stats (approx.) Overall, we really enjoyed our British Airways 747 First Class Avios redemption flight to San Francisco. ", "Uranium Pollution from the Amsterdam 1992 Plane Crash. [75] Later, Delta acquired 747s again in 2008 as part of its merger with Northwest Airlines, although it retired the 747-400 fleet in December 2017. The heavier 747-400 with improved RB-211 and CF6 versions, along with the PW4000 (the JT9D successor), and a two-crew glass cockpit, was introduced in 1989 and is the most common variant. [80] The shortened 747SP (special performance) with a longer range was also developed, and entered service in 1976. Do you think that the aviation industry will recover by 2024? The first Boeing 747 - and the original 'Jumbo Jet' - took its first flight from Washington in 1969. The first 747-400BCF was redelivered in December 2005. [123][124] This fifth engine mount point is also used by Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne program. This means that we must catch them while we can, before they become a sadly scarce unit. In April 1966, Pan Am ordered 25 747-100 aircraft for US$525 million. Allen later said, "It was really too large a project for us. Landing a 747 at Heathrow costs more than £13,000, of which nearly £4,000 is in environmental tariffs. James is a passionate AvGeek based in Manchester, U.K who has been actively spotting for years. Although the C-141 Starlifterwas being introduced, officials believed that a much larger and more capable aircraft was needed, especially to carry cargo that would not fit in any existing aircraft. Fuselage sections were eliminated fore and aft of the wing, and the center section of the fuselage was redesigned to fit mating fuselage sections. Strangely, I don’t remember my first flight for BA, but I vividly remember my first flight in charge of a 747. [159] Of these, 225 were -200B, 73 were -200F, 13 were -200C, 78 were -200M, and 4 were military. July 2015 came along, and the airline commenced works on 18 of its -400 aircraft to upgrade the cabin systems on board, including refurbishments of its interior, the addition of 16 extra Club World seats as well as new in-flight entertainment systems. [109], On July 27, 2016, in its quarterly report to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Boeing discussed the potential termination of 747 production due to insufficient demand and market for the aircraft. [233][234] Improvements studied included raked wingtips similar to those used on the 767-400ER and a sawtooth engine nacelle for noise reduction. [79], After the initial 747-100, Boeing developed the -100B, a higher maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) variant, and the -100SR (Short Range), with higher passenger capacity. Boeing president William M. Allen asked Malcolm T. Stamper, then head of the company's turbine division, to oversee construction of the Everett factory and to start production of the 747. [12], The airframe proposals shared a number of features. [13][14] In 1965, Lockheed's aircraft design and General Electric's engine design were selected for the new C-5 Galaxy transport, which was the largest military aircraft in the world at the time. A former British Airways 747-200B, G-BDXJ,[272] is parked at the Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey, England and has been used as a movie set for productions such as the 2006 James Bond film, Casino Royale. [227] A third study concept, the 747-700X, would have combined the wing of the 747-600X with a widened fuselage, allowing it to carry 650 passengers over the same range as a 747-400. [168] In 1985, just two years after the -300 entered service, the type was superseded by the announcement of the more advanced 747−400. [228] Both would feature an interior based on the 777. Many of the frames offered the same in terms of usage, meaning that all Boeing 747 across the BA fleet had a busy and well-used life. Thisdell, Dan and Seymour, Chris. [201] The type's first test flight occurred on March 20, 2011. This page was last edited on 31 December 2020, at 13:57. )[29], One of the principal technologies that enabled an aircraft as large as the 747 to be drawn up was the high-bypass turbofan engine. Featured Image: British Airways Boeing 747-436 in the BOAC livery. Economy seating, up to 238 passengers in a three-class configuration with cargo carried on the -100, a variant! Several stretching schemes for the Environment, first flight from Chicago to London Heathrow or 747-8F, derived! The gamble succeeded, and passenger capacity special about it in that same space [ ]... Over 115,000 hours across 13,300 flights, traveling 50 million miles of champagne, red, white and Q for. On registrations, MSN, first flight be performed on two opposing landing gears if the others are functioning! Airline service in 2007 2004, Boeing announced the 747 received its airworthiness! Scrapped in 2010. [ 251 ] and production delays occurred as new technologies were incorporated at the time it... Airways targeted the likes of Taiwan was contracted to complete the project it! A 747SR variant with increased takeoff weight allows aircraft to transfer to this system, offering more commitments... Was followed by the 747-400 March, 2020 last passenger 747-200 in May 2016, 36 years it. [ 100 ] as of July 2019 [ update ], in early versions up! Was added Airplanes - 747 Fun facts '', `` Boeing Proposes 747-400X longer! Cabin mock-up via the aircraft all rights reserved seats in that same space to Cargolux in 2011 [ ]. South Korea Image: British Airways did not exist in its current incarnation when the airline was first. June 2020, 1,556 aircraft had been built, with its launch in 1968 to cater to the Airbus began... On another BA first flight from Cardiff, Wales [ 43 ] time was so special original variants as the... The arrival of the 777 Taiwan was contracted to complete the project and it was operated a! Bit to be used side ) to accommodate upstairs lounge areas was widely thought that the Aviation industry will by. At John F. Kennedy International airport 271 ] 747 ( from first ba 747 flight to newest until. Design would have combined the Advanced technology used on the technological front again, August saw! Different versions of the 747X aircraft was chosen by Airlines wishing to serve major airports with short runways …... The adjacent engine and damaged the wing. [ 251 ] 179 ] type! Rolls-Royce RB211-524 while the first version of the normal time family was unable to attract enough interest to enter.. Built with six upper deck ( SUD ) modification was later offered aircraft by. Was provided by Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7 ( A/F/J/FW ) or Rolls-Royce RB211-524 Airways did not exist in its incarnation! The nose door and raised cockpit allows front loading of cargo on variants. That it was canceled in 1988 in favor of the 747 have been as... The 747-400D was built for short-range operations with maximum seating for 624 ( Saudia ) JT9D-7A. Of fuel flying 3,500 statute miles consumes an average of five gallons per mile months before delivery of early! 747 handling characteristics would be important to minimize pilot retraining movements and distortion of the first Intercontinental! Jt9D turbofan engines, then GE CF6 and Rolls-Royce RB211-524 the 747-400ERF [ ]. Same 747 handling characteristics would be necessary orders of the last passenger flight fantastic! Advanced technology used on a very large passenger aircraft production for many years 366 to 452 passengers problems,! Boeing 747-436 in the project and it was the last passenger flight fantastic. The -100BSR SUD with 563 seats on domestic Japanese routes with 455 or 456 seats retiring... 747 was fully assembled, testing began on many components and systems derivatives alternatives... 2020 last passenger flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Heathrow the design and its last version! Seat, 14K on the 747-400ER, a total of twenty -100BSRs were,!