Eye Love Minga

JO95-14 MINGA & EYE EYE LOVE MINGA Colored Heart-Shape $15(few copy left)

This is a split heart-shape record; A side is 10-month-old baby girl Minga, and B side is Eye, from Boredoms. Minga side was one take, no mix or over-dub. It is pure spirit of 10-month-baby creating her own music, amazing results.
Eye wanted to be on B-side so much that he made a song dedicated to pure soul Minga. Including wave sound recorded by Shinrou Otake of 19 and Puzzle Punks on side B.

JO96-18 JO96-18
"We Are Voice & Rhythm Only"
Sold Out
BOREDOMS's EYE's ultra mega giant biggest surprising most incredible noise core!! Scream and drum only!! 10 + min. long and 48 songs!! Some songs are as short as 1 second.
JO96-24 JO96-24
Mc.Hell Shit & Dj. Car House
DJ CAR HOUSE is Yoshihide Otomo and MC HELL SHIT is Eye Yamataka of BOREDOMS. Incredibly great combo live in UK. Amazing result that you can never expect. (This is not the same one as the mini-CD on Blast First)

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