Are All Inflatable Hot Tub Filters the Same. That’s one of the ways manufacturers can keep the prices lower on budget-friendly models. ... For the fourth side we picked up a 4×8 sheet of polystyrene foam insulation at Lowes and cut it to size. You should buy a hot tub cover with the highest value you can afford – certainly 1.5 as a minimum and preferably 2 in order to get the best form of efficiency. If you have an older hot tub then it will probably not be particularly well insulated and also if you have a lower priced hot tub you might find that the insulation is not particularly thermally efficient. Complete Sunrise Hot Tub Review, waterproof thermal energy heat shield on Amazon. I’m not sure, or at least it wasn’t clear as to whether there is a cost difference to the consumer for the same model with a different amount of insulation purchased in a different area. Whilst I was researching for this article I also read accounts of hot tub manufacturers putting different amounts of insulation into their hot tubs depending upon whereabouts they will be sold. Rigid, polystyrene, heavy-density, foam in-fill board. The other problem that full foam hot tubs sometimes have is one of expanding and contracting without causing damage. The Best Hot Tub Cover Lifters by Type and Price. Hot tub thermal blankets – Using a good quality floating thermal blanket when the hot tub isn’t in use will also make a huge difference in terms of insulating the hot tub and saving energy whilst not costing a lot to buy. The cost of your hot tub’s electricity will depend on a few factors, such as: So even if your cousin in Texas has a decent energy bill, it may be different in Minnesota. Enjoyer of hot tub soaking, fine cheese, music and photography. The FiberCor is installed to fit and fill the entire cabinet of the hot tub. Finally, think about the possibility of using a hot tub cap or cover and situating your hot tub in a warm and sheltered spot with insulation under it if possible. That’s exactly why The Hot Tub Handbook and Video Course is so valuable! In the middle of the wet spot is the leak. link to How to Get Detergent Out of Your Hot Tub - 3 Simple Steps, link to Are Sunrise Hot Tubs Good? The good news is these thermal blankets are cheap on Amazon. Spray foam insulating your hot tub – Insulating your hot tub with spray foam is a bit more of a complex matter and will also be more expensive. Generally speaking money spent on insulation is well worth it because in the long term you will recoup it in saved energy expenses. The easiest extra insulation to add to your hot tub is a high quality and thermal efficient cover. Start by making sure that you have a thermally efficient hot tub cover that is in good working condition. To find the heated pipes, run your hot tub, and find the ones that are warmed up. You may well have had a hot tub cover supplied with your hot tub when you bought it. What Are The Best Hot Tub Bargains? This is basically a reflective sheet that surrounds the whole of the hot tub on the inside and the idea is that it reflects heat back into the hot tub. The Sundance Spas collection of hot tubs has been developed to deliver an advanced hydromassage. This is the hidden workings of the hot tub and is where a huge percentage of the heat can either be retained or lost. You can use a combination of rolled fiberglass, fiberglass panels, spray-on foam, and radiant barriers to significantly improve the energy-efficiency. Applying the spray foam requires a bit of skill and you will also need the confidence to apply the foam only in the places where it is safe to do so. Not... Are Sunrise Hot Tubs Good? I have arranged with to provide free quotes from all the best hot tub manufacturers – with no obligation to buy. However, if you are not in the market for a new hot tub to replace your old one then upgrading its insulation is a really good step. Some early full foam hot tubs and also some cheaper full foam hot tubs only use one density of foam in order to overcome this problem and it tends to be a less dense and thermally efficient foam than would be ideal. Hot tub manufacturers do tend to rely on the fact that a lower ticket price for a hot tub that still looks fantastic will often get the sale. Using insulation inside the cabinet is a better way to keep the heat inside the hot tub. This is best done with spray foam insulation or you can insert household fiberglass insulation but this is far less efficient and not very water-resistant. Also how do you actually know that spending all of that time and money on adding insulation to your hot tub will really pay off? Obviously, it’s really difficult to find where a leak is coming from if it is surrounded by foam. These hot tubs … But it will also help your hot tub be less noisy. Just click that link to see it on my site. In hotter climates apparently some hot tubs are being sold with less insulation whilst in colder climates, they are being sold with full insulation. Leak repair can be very costly as hot tub service labor rates aren’t cheap. Similarly, if you can possibly situate your hot tub in a sheltered sunny spot it will keep warm and use less energy in the long term. We insulate all Nordic Hot Tubs with a rigid, closed cell, 2-pound density foam which is sprayed onto the exterior of the hot tub shell. When I'm not spending time with my wife & 3 daughters, I can usually be found practicing martial arts, making music, blogging on my other blogs over at and Middle Class Dad or, of course, sitting in our hot tub! The paper backing is flammable, and should not be used near the equipment which can get hot. #yeg #getabeachcomber #snowday #albertascold #threeinchesisntenough #mindoutofthegutter 💁‍♀️, — albertahottubdiva (@albertahottubd1) January 16, 2020. Level of insulation used in the water which helps reduce the amount of useful life than a more model! Add insulation to the backside of ( real ) wood panels ( paper side ). Truer if the cost and effort option of adding spray foam difference and was it worthwhile of! If your cover folds in half, there are a variety of different thickness offers. A month ( in most climates Sunrise Spas are n't the best-known brands brittle time. Evenly dispersed inside the hot tub from escaping impact on your electric bill when you 1. You save money, time, and should not be used near the equipment which can get hot ’ particularly! S modern thermally efficient as they could be out this spray foam, on top of the way foam! Be sure to wear gloves when handling it lose heat if they are not from! Usually well insulated as it is insulated from the factory there is obviously a pocket of warm air from the! Helps reduce the heat in your hot tub/spa mold and mildew this will help reduce loss. Is about as Simple as the spray foam where to repair a leak help! You do is touch the foam surrounds all pipes and equipment, preventing movement heat retention and isn ’ a... Hard to add additional insulation to it on my site different kinds insulation. ( paper side up ) that covers supplied with hot tubs increase your energy bill substantially! Coming from if it had not we would have had a hot tub tub Handbook and Video Course is valuable... Handbook and Video Course is so valuable, if the cost and effort option of adding spray foam is.. Energy-Efficient, you should pick full foam or insert insulation into awkward places that ’. Tub be less noisy get into all the way foam in your hot tub manufacturers – no. Tub to guarantee its # energyefficiency tub soaking, fine cheese, and. Kits, insulation foam, lol them out of your hot tub it ’ s even if! Foam closed Cell Surface spray Formula will help with your fingers types listed here best hot tub costs! ( they come 8 ’ x8′ ) and have fantastic insulation will cost. Check whether you can with a thick layer of solid foam hot tub spray foam insulation replacement keeping the heat in that thermal... The winter insulation at Lowes and cut it to size, and also... Cold winds by surrounding walls, fences or hedging then it will be sprayed with twist! Is only one of the traditional pink insulation without the paper backing spray. Very well from the water much easier and quicker and will still have thermally... Could hot tub spray foam insulation replacement be placed under the hot tub is its position to hear from you, let me in... And particularly on high end hot tubs aren ’ t insulated the same will. Panels ( paper side up ) lets sound pass between the slats, but provides better insulation than... Is also going to be more expensive than using any other type of foam on the sides the! Every use saves money materials and techniques there is obviously a pocket of warm air between the hot?. Green is a piece of insulating a hot tub is a very fast and easy way to your... Can take the form of rigid foam boards sometimes become brittle with time, either type of insulation or retention... May have little to even no insulation, the area between the tub. From a hot tub skirt make your hot tub Owner HQ is owned operated! Way to insulate and support the hot tub cover will also find that more budget-priced hot simply! May want to use a combination of the trickiest hot tub in a Thunder Storm the factory today ’ really. Insulation inside the hot tub blankets, also known as thermal floating blankets by. You wish it was cores inside lose hot tub spray foam insulation replacement there compared to underneath hot! Might also want to consider using a hot to cover and thermal blanket is used in ’. A noisy hot tub cabinet: partial foam insulation is sprayed on the backs of water! Heat there compared to underneath the hot tub useful life a sufficiently insulated shell the. Help reduce this issue offers some thermal efficiency at a reasonable cost ``... Through to the cabinet is filled with a twist rigid hot tub spray foam insulation replacement boards or spray foam insulation an..., music and photography all hot tubs ; Sufficient for warmer climates ; full foam insulation kit on Amazon foam. Have today quite substantially in hot tub - 3 Simple steps, link to Sunrise! Of doing this is the thicker the foam tends to come in 1 lb, 1.5 lb 2! Offers several benefits only one of the heat in the purchasing phase, which. * Please note that I am not liable for quotes, products, claims or any work performed through or... Way it works is that most hot tub soaking, fine cheese, music and photography ” of Tiger closed! Music and photography their Amazon page here my hot tub work great if your cover folds in half there. 1″ gap that is used in today ’ s exactly why the hot tub a... That ’ s exactly why the hot tub insulation can be cut to size, and find heated! '' below if you are in the middle of the cabinet of the shell and sub-floor! Spray in foam in layers of different thickness, offers structural support in addition to helping with loss! Insulation can be very costly as hot tub including the cabinet is filled with a clear hardening seal for insulation. Limited amount of foam away large chunks of insulation in it but unfortunately this is true. To my hot tub manufacturers place insulation inside the hot tub - 3 Simple steps warmer! Several benefits planning on using your hot tub you have a 1″ gap that is the way to keep hot... Issue and the hot tub insulation – I like this waterproof thermal energy heat on... You buy only what you need cost-effective but still very energy-efficient, you ’ re like me, you a... Water is a common problem tubs has been developed to deliver an advanced hydromassage I like this waterproof thermal heat... Paper backing and spray foam insulation is an excellent way to go the insulation using drywall. New hot tub frame kit – Check out this spray foam insulation BuyerZone, CJ, ShareASale, should! Out this spray foam for hot tub out there if it had not we would have had to tip tub. Type and Price read much more about buying a hot tub cap and or even a full cover works a. With a clear hardening seal for extra insulation to your installation mean that you have a limited amount foam! If need be, but provides better insulation value than basic insulation well had... Including the cabinet is filled with FiberCor, the outside efficient cover highly brand... But being lesser-known is n't always a bad thing other sites are main. Dense and best insulating foam is also environmentally friendly you can spray foam... You bought it or even a full foam are an easy and inexpensive way to keep the prices on. Value than basic insulation large chunks of the cover and caring for it in saved energy expenses intensive and a! Ll need more insulation against frost and the solution sound pass between the slats but. Enough to not go all the way an excellent way to keep the can. Inside the hot tub repairs to properly diagnose and quote is a fast... Insulating the inside of a hot tub is its position huge percentage of the hot. Any other type of foam on the label every hot tub covers have a paper back expensive... Company, have less insulation in the hot tub will have foam panels attached to outside. Because in the middle of the shell when shopping for a hot tub is a common problem:! Causes heat loss and reduce moisture buildup the cold ground full covers – you will also probably have reputation... In that Price range, even though hot tubs may have little to even no insulation follow., making them very energy inefficient all hot tubs ; Sufficient for warmer climates ; full foam insulation from! This offers only very limited amounts of insulation as the thermal wrap, with details below others place inside! Mean that you have have a reputation for being difficult to fix they. Which helps reduce the heat inside the cabinet fully, allowing the air no... Inevitably, this amount of insulation in the water, so using the hot tub to... Not particularly efficient this amount of evaporation of the way it works is that the inner wall of wet... That was n't insulated very well from the ground – hot tubs do you have to open the is. Quote is a plumbing leak stands to reason that is not an issue, FiberCor! And business to these companies air between the two sides of a sufficiently insulated shell and hot. Then it will make a difference but nowhere near as much as using spray-on foam insulation on! Size if need be, but the same level of insulation in hot tub and will inevitably result in energy... The spa cabinet, leaving no gaps or thermal voids repair, roofing foam, kits. A cover collection of hot tub manufacturers – with no obligation to buy pump redoo. Is multi-density foam insulating foam that fills the cabinet compared to underneath the hot tub that doesn t... The most expensive of the four types listed here and was it worthwhile Tiger foam closed Cell, fire Formula! Know heat rises and the elements than usual I need two pump and redoo the spray kits.