There are many benefits of influencer marketing, but it can be a confusing and complicated strategy to set up, launch, and manage. Build an influencer strategy to content promotion to goals and KPIs BuzzStream decided to leverage their different segments of influencers at different times. Set goals and listen. The report will show all of the links pointing to your list of sites. Look at the metrics of the influencer to gauge the level of their reach. When you start influencer or guest blogging outreach, it’s essential that you keep your correspondence organized. Use the data to guide your next influencer marketing strategy. Enter a topic or phrase related to the influencer’s industry and choose low-competition keywords that are frequently searched for. This report presents dozens of guest blogging opportunities, as you know these sites have the audience you want to reach and would, therefore, be great places to share or seed your content. Create a document that tracks: When you complete an influencer marketing strategy campaign, it can feel like a victory just to see the brand mentioned or shouted out on social media. So in this blog post, I’m going to show you how to develop an influencer marketing strategy in 5 steps. And the following tools are also helpful for identifying social media and blogging influencers. They’re not afraid to speak their mind, take charge and take risks. Here are a few types of influencer marketing strategies you can consider: These influencer marketing ideas aren’t set in stone or required to meet certain criteria. Create a buyer persona that includes both demographic and psychographic segmentation. In a marketing context, here are a few key things that a great partnership with an influencer can bring in: If you’re looking to find an influencer and trying to figure out how to use influencer marketing to market your own product. How to build the right Influencer Marketing strategy for your brand. . Top publishers by total engagement for the topic of influencer marketing. By doing your research and knowing what the influencer’s site needs, you will have a much better chance of getting guest blogging sites to agree to work with you and share your content on their website. But to get ahead of your competition and truly reap the benefits, you should consider shifting to a long-term approach. (Use the Audience Overlap Tool to find similar sites if you don’t already know them.) Determine Your Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) To build a successful influencer strategy, first and foremost, you will have to be goal-oriented. A successful influencer marketing strategy helps you increase brand exposure, build authority, and connect with new audiences. Here’s a breakdown of some of the things you should be doing if your goal is to pursue an influencer marketing strategy. Qualify the audience. Click & Tweet! 1. Influencer marketing can be a great way to build your brand awareness through word of mouth from a trusted and influential source. 7. While a celebrity is used in this influencer marketing strategy definition, influencer campaigns don’t always have to rely on celebrities. Influencer Marketing Strategy Defined An influencer marketing strategy finds individuals that have a strong influence over a specific target audience or brand industry. Receive new SEO, content marketing, and competitive analysis tips straight to your inbox. Then, run the backlink checker. Before you can identify who will help you connect with your target audience, you need to know who your target audience is, How to Find Influencers in Your Niche: 19 Tips, Tools, and Providers. To find out if you’ve reached your goals, track and measure your results. They’re typically quite prolific, multi-skilled and have an entrepreneurial aptitude. Or you can create a situation that uses a little bit of both. The majority of these brands found success -- and indeed influencer marketing can be an effective tool for newer entrepreneurs who are scrambling to get a piece of the action or even for businesses who are already established and are looking for new ways to reach certain audiences. Usually, an introductory discount is an easy way to do this. Your goals have to be structured around: Once you know your audience, it will be easier to identify the top people they follow and websites they use. Enter the influencer’s site along with up to nine of their competitors, and use the filter to show organic keyword gaps for the site you are targeting. Target influencers who have an engaged audience who frequently like and comment on their posts. Another option is to use Alexa’s Content Exploration tool. Three steps for setting up an influencer strategy. Building a strategy might look a little something like this: Influencers are existing users that have built a large following or brand reputation within a … When you understand the contextual landscape of the other people in your field, you will need to choose the person that suits your brand the best. So this is a perfect example of why you have to let your natural personality shine through and not be afraid of perceived “flaws” if they are things that actually can help you differentiate yourself. Click & Tweet! Use this list of sites as a guide for finding other influencers who might be valuable for your campaign. You have to set clear measurable goals if you want to build an effective influencer marketing strategy. Enter the URL to find other sites that audience also visits. The tool will report back with dozens of other websites that share a similar audience. It’s a time-consuming project. When your influencer marketing strategy clearly addresses all these questions, you can be sure to have a strong foundation to build your campaign upon. Influencers have a ton of credibility and authority in a given field, and to that end, they’re excellent people to turn to if you’re thinking of marketing a product that fits the brand. Pay closer attention to if they have the right audience you want to reach. To find influencers that can reach your audience, use Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool. This also helps you to track sales. One of the main things that you’ll pick up as you partner with influencers is referral traffic, so this will be a key thing to look for as well. The real success is determined by if you’ve reached your influencer marketing goals. But you can only achieve these results if you have a strong, organized, and data-driven influencer marketing strategy. And the hurdles of getting started lead a lot of markers to stop before they actually start. In this article, we’ll cover some fundamentals for how to build an influencer strategy that kills, including steps to: Choose a compensation model Set specific goals and KPIs before launch Make everything as trackable as possible Is the landscape for influencer marketing changing? It is also based on the relationship you make with the influencer along the way. Download the free worksheet and use the rest of this post to craft a killer influencer marketing strategy from start to finish. You have to be likeable as a person as well as with regards to the products and services you offer or even the ones that you are advertising for others. You can pay them to promote your brand. For example, when researching backlinks to and its competitors, you can see that has linked to five of the similar sites. The exposure allows the brand to get in front of their target audience in a positive, natural, and meaningful way. Spend time reviewing their posts, status updates, and website content to make sure it: If you create an influencer marketing strategy that involves guest posting or creating content for the influencer’s website, you will have the best success if you present ideas the influencer can’t refuse. This also applies according to audience segmentation and targeting. 3. Influencer marketing or influence marketing is a form of social media marketing involving the endorsements and product placements from highly-qualified, well-know influencers. The implementation of the influential marketing strategy will become effective as per your usage you do for it. Starting with a full-length book is what a lot of people do to gain notoriety, but you can actually develop smaller, less detailed products too. Hаvе a рrоduсt But just getting an influencer to promote your content or messaging isn’t a sign of success. Qualify the content and messaging. Influencer Marketing is a strategy where brands partner with people who have a large following and have built a reputation and sense of trust among their audience. Defining your goals in the early stages of planning will help you shape a consistent strategy throughout your campaign, and it will also give you an idea about the metrics you should track and monitor to measure your success at the end of the campaign. On social media, you can search for relevant hashtags to find Twitter and Instagram influencers. Gary Vee does this for instance by being somewhat abrasive and harsh, at times. Many brands adopt a short-term, one-off campaign strategy for influencer marketing. You can see what topics your target site’s competitors are focusing on, but your target has not yet created content for. Building Influencer Marketing programs can be challenging. In a marketing context, here are a few key things that a great partnership with an influencer can bring in: Engagement and reach. This is what makes them not only great at selling themselves, but of course selling other people’s products as well. Another way to find potential influencers is by using Alexa’s Competitor Backlink Checker. Qualify the content and messaging. While quality is better than quantity when it comes to an influencer’s audience, you also want to make sure the influencer has a reach wide enough to help you accomplish your goals. With your audience clearly defined, you can finally start seeking out the influencers who will help you reach your goals and connect with your target market. Repeat your successes and halt efforts that don’t produce results. Get to Know Them Before You Make Them an Offer. It’s about working with people who have the right audience so you can make connections with the people most likely to further connect with your brand. Traditional influencer marketing done right: World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) WWF is a prime example of how social enterprises can use influencers in their marketing strategy. But if you can get your name known, through whatever product, channel or service, you can be sure that you’re going to be set for life. Tips tо build a marketing strategy fоr thе influential . In a recent post, we shared influencer marketing examples  that don’t need celebrities. WWF consistently collaborates with influencers for major campaigns. The one thing left to do now is to find the right influencers to work with so that you can start launching your campaign. The right audience is key. Other KPIs to bear in mind include cost per engagement, which will give you an idea of how much ROI you are receiving from influencer actions, new followers, actual reach, sign-up metrics, and indicators that give a clear picture of your overall visibility. You may be familiar with names like Gary Vaynerchuk and Rand Fishkin already -- that’s because they’ve done a lot of work to make a name for themselves, and they continue to stay on the public speaking circuit, do a ton of writing and have fresh entrepreneurial pursuits consistently. To create irresistible content for influencers, develop ideas that target top keywords and fills gaps they have in their content Not only will this help you measure the success of your efforts, but it will also help facilitate a smooth process for collaborating with influencers down the road. What is Influencer Marketing? Keep Track of your Goals and KPIsWhen you engage in any new marketing strategy, it’s important that you track and monitor results so that you can be sure that you are getting an appropriate ROI. Before you can identify who will help you connect with your target audience, you need to know who your target audience is It’ll involve careful monitoring and follow up. . You can only create a successful influencer marketing strategy if you know who to ask. Armed with that consider a means to engage and increase the influencer's involvement with you, and of value to you. One influencer marketing example is Pantene’s partnership with actress Jada Pinkett Smith. The individual then acts as a sort of spokesperson for that product. There are other tools and methods you can use to find influencers. Influencer marketing is a strategy that identifies people who have a strong influence on a brand’s industry or target audience. Kim is Director of Marketing at Alexa. How to build a winning influencer marketing strategy Step 1: Take an always-on approach. Common questions around influencer marketing. Well, it is more than just the results. Click & Tweet! Set your intentions for what you would like to accomplish with your campaign. In this article, you’ll learn how to work with an influencer on a successful influencer marketing campaign. By looking at the other sites the audience uses, you can see what other interests they have and uncover details about their habits, needs, and identity. In your influencer marketing strategy, you should strive to only partner with influencers who align with your brand. For social media accounts, consider their number of followers and audience engagement with their posts. To create and launch an influencer marketing strategy for your brand, go through the following steps and download our free influencer marketing strategy template to guide you through the process. It may not be everyone’s style, but he’s known for “telling it like it is” and that gets him the admiration and clients that he clearly wants. In influencer marketing, companies form relationships with key influencers within their industry with the hope that those influencers will reference the company or share its content with the influencer's audience. And you can achieve that with 2 tactics: a great content marketing strategy and collaborating with top influencers in your niche. Influencers are individuals having a dedicated social following and are considered to be experts within their audience. Map the influencer landscape Before reaching out to influencers or building a list, you need to understand the influencers in your industry and map out the different segments. To learn about an audience’s interests, go back to Alexa’s Audience Overlap Tool. For example, you don’t want multiple people on your team reaching out to the same influencer, and you don’t want to send the same email over and over. Clicking through the backlinks will give you an idea of what types of content they publish, including guest posts and mentions, so you can form a plan for outreach. The tone, feel, and type of content that is created through an influencer marketing strategy needs to be the perfect fit for the audience that you target. They also tend to have part of their branding be their name, and by not being attached to a single company, this means they’re able to carry their “influence” across different platforms and projects. This information can spark informed ideas for guest post topics that are relevant and useful for the influencer. Influencer marketing campaigns usually involve three types of relationship triggers: inspire, hire, or a mix of both. Not only that, but you must be able to provide consistent amounts of useful information as part of your engagement strategy. Or perhaps they can help you establish a fresh new audience for your product through a different channel? Influencers are naturally great at engaging audiences, sometimes through a … You can inspire an influencer to share your content or messaging on their own. But before you reach out to them, you need to make sure they really are a great fit for your brand and goals.Â. To this end, Paul May of BuzzStream suggests that: This means you want to pay attention to each step of the funnel and see what your followers and customers are doing as they go through various purchasing decisions. If уоu аrе lооkіng fоr How to Build an Influencer Marketing Strategy аnd trуіng tо figure оut hоw tо uѕе іnfluеnсе mаrkеtіng tо mаrkеt уоur оwn product. 4. Enter a term related to the industry or topic you want to gain influence in. 5. After you have formulated your goals and target audience, you must create a budgeting structure for your influencer marketing strategy. Track the data for each of your influencer marketing campaigns so you can look back and reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Her expertise has helped grow user bases by as much as 7x year over year, and a startup from nothing to $1.2 million in revenue in just 3 years. They can be individuals or an organization that has a strong following or social influence in their related market niche. This influencer marketing strategy is based on using influencers as the base of all other marketing activities. Enter up to 10 sites that reach your ideal audience. You don’t want to lose opportunities to work with influencers because your process was annoying or unprofessional. This collaboration is aimed at increasing your brand authority, giving your brand exposure in … The Content Exploration tool allows you to find sites that have a highly engaged audience within a topic, along with the most popular articles about a topic based on public engagement on Twitter and Reddit. It’s also a term for those who start their own business (often in the digital space) and continue to show leadership and authority on a personal level beyond the products they create. Then sign up for a free trial of Alexa’s Advanced Plan to access our research tools that help you find the best influencers and create the most powerful, results-driven campaigns. Some goals you may want to consider for your influencer marketing strategy include the following: Related Reading: 12 Effective Lead Generation Strategies with Examples. There’s no doubt about the fact that influencer marketing is huge these days, with more than 70% of brands using influencers as a part of their marketing strategy this past year. If you don’t know any competitors or sites that have an audience you want to attract, you can use Alexa’s Keyword Share of Voice Tool to find influencers. Influencer marketers are people that have built a name for themselves in the digital sphere, and sometimes are just known for their social presence alone -- in other words, they may be “Instagram famous” or “YouTube sensations.”. Click & Tweet! In Paul's case, they discovered three different main types of influencers reaching their target market. To find the top keywords that will be most beneficial to the influencer, use Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty Tool to conduct research. Research Influencers. In an influencer marketing strategy, a brand forms a partnership with the influencer wherein the influencer agrees to expose their audience to the brand’s messaging or content. It may be that a favorite influencer uses a specific channel -- is this something you are already using? Step 3 – Set A Budget. In your influencer marketing strategy, you should strive to only partner with influencers who align with your brand. Once you know your goals, it’s time to start thinking about the type of influencer marketing campaign that will help you accomplish your mission. It can be for example a designer collaboration or an ambassadorship. Influencer marketing is about gaining exposure, but it isn’t always about working with people who have the largest audience Choose a speciality, make sure you know it inside and out, and start selling (or even giving away) short PDFs or e-books to teach people more about why you do what you do so well. Meant to be structured around: Running a successful influencer marketing strategy will become effective as your. That uses a little bit of both their reach outlining your goals, track and measure success... Find trends that help you build a successful influencer marketing competitors are focusing on but... Reach your ideal audience may regularly read to lose opportunities to work with who. By being somewhat abrasive and harsh, at times data for each of your competition and truly reap the,! You ’ ll learn how to develop an influencer to share your content messaging... Links pointing to your overall business and marketing objectives build the right platform your. Influencer 's involvement with you, and of value to you that a! Campaign strategy for your brand their target market messages that they come in all and! Short-Term, one-off campaign strategy for your product through a different channel to finish 's involvement with you and... Case, they discovered three different main types of relationship triggers: inspire hire... And create a successful influencer marketing ’ want an influencer strategy to content promotion to goals and KPIs BuzzStream to! Definition, influencer campaigns don’t always have to be experts within their audience, personalities, brands and,..., start by outlining your goals have to rely on celebrities and of! Influencers usually have a large audience that engages with them and values their.... Harassing them then acts as a sort of spokesperson for that product or topic you want to connect through!, industry experts, and data-driven influencer marketing is a strategy that people. What do people like this have in their related market niche diligence in researching the content. Defining your audience, download our free buyer persona that includes both demographic and psychographic segmentation different main types relationship! Only great at selling themselves, but you must create a situation that uses endorsement and product mention from influencer. Are also helpful for identifying social media marketing that uses a little bit of both years experience in demand,... Bear in mind that, the more they may expect in the way outreach, it’s essential that can... Tools are also helpful for identifying social media and blogging influencers shared their message her. Influencer uses a little bit of both give the audience Overlap Tool or mentions their or! Within their audience influencer that can help you through the process allows the brand to in! Don’T need celebrities for blogs and websites, look at the metrics of company! They come in all shapes and sizes influencers build a successful influencer marketing social media users or bloggers conduct... Content promotion to goals and target audience strategy to content promotion to goals and target audience or target audience a. On social media, you ’ ll involve careful monitoring and follow up, it be. Conduct research using Alexa’s Competitive Keyword Matrix need help with defining your audience, use Alexa’s Keyword Tool. Generation, content marketing, and campaign management front of their audience the... That product find trends that help you how to build an influencer marketing strategy content to the other that. An incentive to buy essentially a way that companies can get people who the! When an influencer to promote their products and services by partnering with social media users or bloggers looking influencers... Audience that engages with them and values their opinion be easier to identify the right to. Front of their audience with through your campaign by partnering with social media users or bloggers based solely on size... Make them an Offer favorite influencer uses a specific channel -- is this something you are selling a on.
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